Driver's Dream

Multi-Level Garage for a Car Enthusiast 

“My philosophy is nobody on your street knows what your house looks like on the inside, but everybody knows what your garage looks like because your doors are open in the summertime. I like to showcase the garage.” Jason Frank of Diversity Homes excels at thinking outside the box. When designing his own garage, he was able to try many of his own creative ideas. One of his garage’s unique features is its three car lift. This lift is easy to operate and it only takes about five minutes to get one of the upper cars down. This lift is displayed by the windows on one side of the garage and mimics the look of a high-end dealership. Jason also got creative with his storage. He put up slat boards that allow his rifles to be displayed and locked in a fireproof space that is easily accessible while still looking decorative. The L shape of the garage gives Jason extra space to work, and epoxy flooring and glass garage doors complete the look of this sleek, state-of-the-art garage.

Hannah Haynes